Lesson T&Cs

Lesson T&Cs

The lesson fee is charged in advance and covers a specific time block over a ten-week period. Regular attendance is required to guarantee your time slot. This excludes public holidays but includes school or university holidays.


  • 48 hours written notice is required to attempt to reschedule the lesson
  • If no alternative date/time can be found, a credit will be rolled over
  • No refunds can be given for any unused lessons


  • If I am sick, I endeavor to give as much notice as possible to cancel lessons so I don’t pass anything on. I will certainly credit these lessons if I cancel.
  • As you would take a day off work or school when you’re sick, please apply this to your guitar lessons too. The same 48-hour notice is required for credit to be rolled over.

I understand on occasion you may be out of town. If this is for an extended period of time, your time slot may not be guaranteed. Please discuss with Matt when you plan to be away.


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