Imaginations: Matt Withers & Acacia Quartet

This is your unique opportunity to own a physical copy of the dynamic virtuosity of the combined forces of Acacia Quartet and Matt Withers in this dazzling collaboration.

Imaginations: Matt Withers & Acacia Quartet will bring you a collection of the most exciting Australian works for the fusion of classical guitar and string quartet on a double album.

Featuring the winning works of the 2018 Matt Withers Australian Music Composition Competition (Wade Gregory, Rick Alexander & Nava Ryan) plus works Richard Charlton, Robert Davidson and the late Phillip Houghton: three of Australia’s most respected composers whose music will surely inspire, move and entertain.

The ‘Imaginations’ double album will also include premiere recordings of Robert Davidson’s solo guitar work Forest, Gordon Kerry’s String Quartet No. 5, Moya Henderson’s Kudikynah Cave and a recording of Nick Wales’ Harbour Light.

The album combines the visual stimulus of art with the soundscape of the very best of new Australian music.

Be transported by the colours and textures of the aural and optical delight featured on the two albums as the music conjures imagery depicting landscapes and seascapes, from trees to oceans.

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Imaginations – Incl. postage within Aus

Enjoy this double Album of the very best of Australian music for guitar and string quartet. Featured across Australia on four major radio stations as CD of the Week as well as on Virgin Australia In Flight Entertainment.


Though the music will be available on your favourite online platform, if you don’t use physical CDs anymore, we call on the support of our fans to consider contributing towards the creation of the album so that we can bring it to the hearts and ears of music lovers everywhere.

International Postage

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